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001Libre Introduction to Computers: (4 x 2 hrs) Using Libre Office, this course is set out for those real new starters. Using a program that is free to download to their computer the student can start at the beginning with the basic use of the mouse and keyboard, etc. Then continuing with Libre, it covers creating documents, editing text, saving and retrieving files. Those wishing to continue on learning can do so in furthering their knowledge using Libre Office. 

001W Introduction to Computers: (8 x 2 hrs) Using Microsoft Office 365, this Introductory course uses Windows 10 system. It starts with the basics, using the Mouse & Keyboard etc. Then it covers creating documents, editing text, saving & retrieving files. Those proving computer experience may bypass this course if they demonstrate sufficient skills.

001W Introduction to Windows 10 Operating System, Part 1: ( 4 x 2 hrs) This new course is 4 weeks duration to start. The course is solely on the operation of Windows 10 and not a single program within it. Learn to personalise your own computer.

001A Introduction to Apple Computers: (4 x 2 hrs) This introductory course should be taken by all those who are starting to use an Apple computer. It covers the basics of using an Apple Computer, creating documents, saving and organising files using the Finder Application and setting your own Preferences at home. 

001T iPad Part 1: (4 x 2 hrs) This introductory course is for those who are starting to use an iPad. It covers the basics of setting up and using an iPad, using the keyboard with the Notes app, setting your preferences in how your iPad operates, iTunes, the Apple App Store, interesting apps, setting up your Contacts.

002T Samsung Galaxy Tablets: (2 hr sessions) This course is for all those who are starting to use a Galaxy device. It covers the basics, using the device, using the keyboard with a Notes app and setting preferences in how your own device operates. Also, transferring files, the App Store, interesting apps and setting up your Contacts, using Email and accessing the Internet. 

101W Word Processing: (8 x 2 hrs) This course follows on from the Introduction to Computer course with 365 and covers Tabs, Numbering and bullet points, Tables, Auto-correct, Page Numbers, Headers and Footers, Inserting and formatting pictures, Text Boxes, WordArt. Pre-requisite: any 001W

102Libre Word Processing: (4 x 2 hrs) Continuing into some more advanced processing, these courses will have you fully conversant in using Libre Word Processing. Prerequisite: 001L

103W Email for Windows Computers using Outlook. This Outlook program is now available. Pre-requisite: 001W

101A Apple Mail and Safari (Internet): (4 x 2 hrs) Many computer users will already have experience at using email and the Internet. It is recommended that they still take this course as experience shows that there are many options in Mail and uses of Safari about which users are often unaware. Pre-requisite: 001A  

101T iPad Part 2: (4 x 2 hrs) The iPad uses internet in ways that are different to a desktop or laptop computer, so it is recommended that users of the iPad take this course to ensure that they have all the useful skills that an iPad can provide. Pre-requisite: 001T

301W Photo Editing 1 with Windows Computers: (8 x 2 hrs) This course using GIMP, a free program, will take you through photo editing, ie resizing, cropping, cutting and pasting photos, creating collages etc. Learn how you can enhance your photos by adding text, frames and much more. Pre-requisite: 101W  

302W Publisher 1a & 1b with Windows Computers: (4 x 2 hrs each) These courses are based on Microsoft Publisher, now readily available on the 365 program. Creation of Information Sheets, Calendars, Flyers, Certificates, Greeting Cards, etc, are covered in these courses. Pre-requisite: 101W. Skills learned in Photo Editing are an asset. 

600W Movie Maker: (4 x 2 hrs) Movie Maker is basically a free version of PowerPoint. This easy to use program can create slideshows, mini movies, with or without music attached, or just simple presentations from those photos sitting in files or folders in your computer.

401W Photo Editing 2 using Windows Computers: (4 x 2 hrs) This course is an extension of 301W.  Pre-requisite: 301W  

402W Publisher 2a & 2b using Windows Computers: (4 x 2 hrs each) These are an extension of the Desktop Publisher 1 Courses. These courses continue to develop skills and also introduces a great variety of other creations, including using templates possible with the program. Pre-requisite: 302W   

502W Publisher, This is Your Life, Windows Computers: (2 x 2 hrs) This is a special extension of the Desktop Publisher Courses. This mini course creates booklets and teaches setting up a template using the program which can be used from 8 pages up. Pre-requisite: 302W Publisher 1a & 1b also skills learned in 401W Photo Editing are an asset.