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Who Are We?

SeniorNet HBC Inc is an Incorporated Society and registered Charity. We are a member of the Federation of New Zealand SeniorNet Societies Incorporated. We are one of the many independent SeniorNet societies throughout New Zealand that are members of the Federation, with a total of approximately 17,000 members. (See SeniorNet Federation website for more information.)

SeniorNet HBC Inc was set up in 1999 by a group of interested people following initiatives by Telecom, and since then has received sponsorship from the ASB Trusts, Rodney District Council, Rotary, Air New Zealand, Rothmans Foundation and Constellation Trust.


The club fully owns the following equipment:
Twenty-five fast networked Windows computers, with CD/DVD writers and full multi-media facilities. The system is Windows 10 (with some pc's dual booting to Windows 7 for some student needs), Office, 2013, 2016, Outlook, Publisher 2016 and GIMP.

Apple Mac computers and students Apple laptops are used for Apple courses.

Tablets include; Samsung Galaxys, Apple iPads, Microsoft Surface XT.

Two data-show projectors for demonstrations.
FujiXerox photocopier.

The tutors are financial members of the society and give their services free. Income from members is used to pay the rent of the premises, the cost of the telephone connection and purchases and on-going upgrading of equipment.

All services of HBC is from volunteers within the club which includes all tutoring, office help and maintenance of HBC hardware. 

Help Centre:

The Help Centre is open 9am to 3pm Monday to Thursday and Friday 9am to Noon. If you would like to talk to someone about the Society or have a question about your computer please call the Centre on 4261509 and we will endeavour to help. If you wish call in for a chat, tea or coffee, the latter two are always hot! 

Courses & Workshops:

For Course explanations go to Course Information tab > Courses We Offer.

For Workshop explanations go to Course Information tab > Workshops We Offer.

Enrolments can be made at any time and you are encouraged to get started!

For current term classes go to Course Information tab > Current Courses. 

Tutors Meetings:

Tutors meetings are held on the Wednesday prior to the term start. This gives each tutor their list of students enrolled for their particular class and enables them time to call each student and introduce themselves before their class commences. Other information is also passed on at this time e.g. if the student needs a usb or if their class goes through midday to bring their lunch to enjoy during the break.

Our Commitment to Quality:

Commitment to Quality at our

SeniorNet Learning Centre

We strive to deliver quality learning for all students in a friendly environment.

We adhere to the quality management practices of the SeniorNet Federation.

Learning Centre Commitments

* Objectives and goals will be described before each session

* Provide quality resources for learning

* Our volunteer Tutors are selected to teach the given topics

* Our Tutors will do their best to pace their teaching

Student Commitments

* Maintain an open and positive approach to learning

*Respect other students and be patient, we all learn at a different pace

* Respect the Tutors, remember they do this voluntarily

* Undertake practice sessions in your own time

*Keep to class timetables

* Provide constructive feedback to help improve learning at the Centre